There are several calculators available on the internet to help you make decisions regarding your student loans such as loan repayment and borrower benefits.  Below is a list of some of these calculators.  These calculators are not maintained by the Office of Financial Aid.

Direct Loan Repayment Calculator: Available from the Department of Education to assist you with estimating the repayment amounts based on how much you think you may borrow.

Direct Loan Consolidation Calculator: Available from the Department of Education to help you estimate your consolidated interest rate, monthly payment, and total amount repaid.

Cost of Capitalization Calculator: Available from to compute the cost of capitalization.  Capitalization refers to when you or the government does not pay the interest on your student loans, such as an unsubsidized loan or an alternative educational loan, while they are in a period of deferment. This calculator can help you compute the cost of not paying the interest.  Generally, you are not required to pay interest while your loans are in deferment but it is recommended.

Loan Comparison Calculator: Available from to provide a basis of comparison between loans.