Below is a comprehensive list of undergraduate special course fees for fall 2017, spring 2018 and summer 2018.

Special Course Fees

Course NumberCourse NameFee Amount 
AGED 110Agriculture Production Systems$45.94
AGED 220Understanding Agricultural Education$15.60
AGED 240Tecnnical Tool Applications in Agriculture$55.00
AGED 241Plumbing and Electrical Applications in Agriculture$25.00
AGED 244Power Systems in Agriculture Education$100.00
AGED 320Technology Lab for Ag Education$50.00
AGED 330Program Design and Evaluation in Ag Literacy$16.14
AGED 420Developing School Based Ag Ed Programs$52.33
AGED 430Methods of Agricultural Literacy$16.14
AGED 440Managing Experiences for Agricultural Education Laboratories$50.00
AM 143Introduction to Apparel Design$130.88
AM 241Apparel Production$52.10
AM 341Computer-Aided Apparel Production$16.59
AM 345Draping Design$39.57
AM 375Production Design and Development$45.17-56.47
AM 421Textile Analysis$52.24
AM 446Apparel Design and Production$242.33
AM 546Theoretical Apparel Design Solutions$237.95
ANEQ 101Food Animal Science$50.00
ANEQ 102Introduction to Equine Science$28.20
ANEQ 105Introduction to Large Animal Anatomy$150.00
ANEQ 201APreparation of Horses for Competition-Western$766.45
ANEQ 201BPreparation of Horses for Competition-English$766.45
ANEQ 202Safety in Horse Handling$75.00
ANEQ 203Equine Management$156.65
ANEQ 204Equine Facilities Management$47.00
ANEQ 249Trail Riding Industry$483.00
ANEQ 250Live Animal and Carcass Evaluation$100.00
ANEQ 286Livestock Practicum$33.67
ANEQ 300RCalving and Calf Care$50.00
ANEQ 312Animal Ultrasonography$200.00
ANEQ 315Equine Behavior$55.00
ANEQ 320Principles of Animal Nutrition$40.00
ANEQ 325Equine Exercise Physiology$110.80
ANEQ 340Horse Training and Sale Preparation I$600.00
ANEQ 341Horse Training and Sale Preparation II$600.00
ANEQ 344Principles of Equine Reproduction$25.00
ANEQ 346Equine Disease Management$44.00
ANEQ 349Packing and Outfitting$485.00
ANEQ 351Techniques in Therapeutic Riding$157.00
ANEQ 365Principles of Teaching Therapeutic Riding$296.00
ANEQ 386BEquine Practicum-Equine Reproductive Management$232.00
ANEQ 386CEquine Farrier Practicum$47.20
ANEQ 442Riding Instructor Training$136.75
ANEQ 444Equine Business Management$50.00
ANEQ 445Foaling Management$25.00
ANEQ 470Meat Systems$100.00
ANEQ 474Swine Systems$300.00
ANEQ 476Feedlot Systems$20.00
ANEQ 478Beef Systems$45.00
ANEQ 486Therapeutic Riding Instructor Practicum$65.39
ANEQ 510Bovine Reproductive Management$200.92
ANEQ 551Field Necropsy$154.39
ANEQ 626Animal Nutrition, Emissions, and Management$66.05
ANTH 121Human Origins and Variation Laboratory$30.00
ANTH 275Introduction to Forensic Anthropology$20.00
ANTH 373Human Evolution$20.00
ANTH 442Ethnographic Field School$1100.00
ANTH 460Field Class in Archaeology$1175.00
ANTH 465Zooarchaeology$25.00
ANTH 470Paleontology Field School$1000.00
ANTH 660Field Archaeology$1175.00
AREC 224Intro to Agribusiness Entrepreneurship$15.00
AREC 412Agricultural Commodities Marketing$25.00
ART 136Introduction to Figure Drawing$50.00
ART 160Two-Dimensional Visual Fundamentals$7.00
ART 230Photo Image Making I$45.00
ART 235Intermediate Drawing I$20.00
ART 240Pottery I$70.00
ART 245Metalsmithing and Jewelry I$60.00
ART 250Fibers I$50.00
ART 255Introduction to Graphic Design$15.00
ART 256Introduction to Electric Art$60.00
ART 260Painting I$20.00
ART 265Printmaking I-Intaglio and Relief$80.00
ART 270Sculpture I$50.00
ART 295CIndependent Study-Sculpture$12.00/credit
ART 295EIndependent Study-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
ART 326Art Education Studio$35.00
ART 330Photo Image Making II$70.00
ART 331Photo Image Making III$75.00
ART 335Intermediate Drawing II$20.00
ART 336Intermediate Drawing III$20.00
ART 340Pottery II$70.00
ART 341Pottery III$80.00
ART 345Metalsmithing and Jewelry II$70.00
ART 346Metalsmithing and Jewelry III$75.00
ART 350Fibers II$70.00
ART 351Fibers III$70.00
ART 355Typography and Design Systems$55.00
ART 356Illustration$55.00
ART 360Painting II$15.00
ART 361Painting III$80.00
ART 365Printmaking II-Lithography$90.00
ART 366Printmaking III-Studio Workshop$90.00
ART 370Sculpture II$70.00
ART 371Sculpture III$75.00
ART 375Figure Modeling and Drawing$75.00
ART 430Advanced Photo Image Making I$60.00
ART 431Advanced Photo Image Making II$60.00
ART 435Advanced Drawing I$20.00
ART 436Advanced Drawing II$20.00
ART 440Pottery IV$80.00
ART 441Pottery V$80.00
ART 445Metalsmithing and Jewelry IV$70.00
ART 446Metalsmithing and Jewelry V$70.00
ART 450Fibers IV$35.00
ART 451Fibers V$35.00
ART 455Advanced Typography and Design Systems$55.00
ART 456Advanced Illustration$55.00
ART 460Advanced Painting I$15.00
ART 461Advanced Painting II$15.00
ART 465Printmaking IV-Studio Workshop$90.00
ART 466Printmaking V-Studio Workshop$90.00
ART 470Sculpture IV$55.00
ART 471Sculpture V$55.00
ART 392Undergraduate Professional Practices$13.00
ART 495BIndependent Study-Printmaking$25.00/credit
ART 495CIndependent Study-Sculpture$13.00/credit
ART 495DIndependent Study-Fibers$12.00/credit
ART 495EIndependent Study-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
ART 495JIndependent Study-Pottery$23.00/credit
ART 495KIndependent Study-Photo Image Making$ 5.00/credit
ART 496AGroup Study-Painting$25.00
ART 496BGroup Study-Printmaking$25.00/credit
ART 496CGroup Study-Sculpture$13.00/credit
ART 496DGroup Study-Fibers$12.00/credit
ART 496EGroup Study-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
ART 496JGroup Study-Pottery$23.00/credit
ART 496KGroup Study-Photo Image Making$28.00
ART 575BStudio Problems-Printmaking$20.00/credit
ART 575CStudio Problems-Sculpture$13.00/credit
ART 575DStudio Problems-Fibers$12.00/credit
ART 575EStudio Problems-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
ART 675BStudio Problems-Printmaking$20.00/credit
ART 675CStudio Problems-Sculpture$13.00/credit
ART 675DStudio Problems-Fibers$12.00/credit
ART 675EStudio Problems-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
ART 695BIndependent Study-Printmaking$20.00/credit
ART 695CIndependent Study-Sculpture$13.00/credit
ART 695DIndependent Study-Fibers$12.00/credit
ART 695EIndependent Study-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
ART 699BThesis-Printmaking$20.00/credit
ART 699CThesis-Sculpture$13.00/credit
ART 699DThesis-Fibers$12.00/credit
ART 699EThesis-Metalsmithing and Jewelry$18.75/credit
BC 404Comprehensive Biochemistry Laboratory$100.00
BIOM 300Problem Based Learning Lab$179.63
BIOM 525Cell and Tissue Engineering$66.67
BIOM 533Molecular Tools for Engineers$66.33
BMS 301Human Gross Anatomy$94.30
BMS 302Laboratory in Principles of Physiology$10.00
BMS 305Domestic Animal Gross Anatomy$57.35
BMS 345Functional Neuroanatomy$27.80
BMS 531Domestic Animal Dissection$57.35
BMS 545Neuroanatomy$27.80
BMS 575Human Anatomy Dissection$94.30
BSPM 303AEntomology Laboratory - General$26.42
BSPM 361Elements of Plant Pathology$15.00
BSPM 365Integrated Tree Health Management$11.00
BSPM 445Aquatic Insects$79.64
BZ 105Basic Concepts of Plant Life Laboratory$5.00
BZ 111Animal Biology Laboratory$21.96
BZ 120Principles of Plant Biology$5.00
BZ 212Animal Biology-Invertebrates$20.00
BZ 214Animal Biology-Vertebrates$32.21
BZ 311Developmental Biology$19.00
BZ 310Cell Biology$28.00
BZ 330Mammology$13.00
BZ 335Ornithology$15.00
BZ 472Stream Biology and Ecology Laboratory$13.00
BZ 474Limnology$13.00
CBE 101Chemical and Biological Engineering I$117.54
CBE 333Momentum and Heat Transfer Laboratory$108.67
CBE 443Mass Transfer and Separation Laboratory$163.09
CHEM 104Chemistry in Context Laboratory$9.72
CHEM 108Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory$9.73
CHEM 112General Chemistry Laboratory I$21.20
CHEM 114General Chemistry Laboratory II$14.16
CHEM 246Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory$48.88
CHEM 334Quantitative Analysis Laboratory-Biological$68.18
CHEM 344Modern Organic Chemistry Laboratory$83.60
CHEM 345Organic Chemistry I$23.34
CHEM 346Organic Chemistry II$33.49
CHEM 431Instrumental Analysis$50.00
CHEM 433Clinical Chemistry$42.67
CHEM 440Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory$106.00
CHEM 462Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory$103.00
CHEM 475Physical Chemistry Laboratory I$50.00
CHEM 477Physical Chemistry Laboratory II$50.00
CIVE 102Introduction: Civil and Environmental Engineering $6.32
CIVE 103Engineering Graphics and Computing$23.58
CIVE 301Fluid Mechanics Laboratory$8.29
CIVE 302Evaluation of Civil Engineering Materials$130.48
CIVE 356Intro to Geotechnical Engineering Lab$140.14
CIVE 441Water Quality Analysis and Treatment$67.85
CIVE 521Hydrometry$28.50
CIVE 525Water Engineering: International Development$45.00
CON 251Materials Testing & Processing$13.00
CON 261Construction Surveying$120.95
CON 351Construction Field Management$41.00
D 120A-BDance Techniques I (Modern and Ballet)$72.00/credit
D 121A-BDance Techniques II (Modern and Ballet)$72.00/credit
D 220A-BDance Techniques III (Modern and Ballet)$72.00/credit
D 221A-BDance Techniques IV (Modern and Ballet)$72.00/credit
D 320A-BDance Techniques V (Modern and Ballet)$72.00/credit
D 321A-BDance Techniques VI (Modern and Ballet)$72.00/credit
D 330Ballet Repertory Ensemble$144.00
D 420BDance Techniques VII-Ballet$72.00/credit
D 421BDance Techniques VIII-Ballet$72.00/credit
DM 400U S Travel - New York City$900.00 - $1,915.00
DM 542Advanced Computer-Aided Textile Design$233.94
ECE 102Digital Circuit Logic$25.00
ECE 103DC Circuit Analysis$288.68
ECE 202Circuit Theory Applications$15.00
ECE 251Introduction to Microprocessors$12.00
ECE 331Electronics Principles I$15.00
ECE 332Electronic Principles II$15.00
ECE 401Senior Design Project I$40.00
ECE 402Senior Design Project II$60.00
ECE 533Biomolecular Tools for Engineers$66.33
EDCT 485Student Teaching$80.00
EDUC 475Elementary School Music Methods II$35.00
EDUC 476Choral Methods for Secondary Schools$35.00
EDUC 477Instrumental Methods for Secondary Schools$35.00
EDUC 485BStudent Teaching-Secondary$80.00
EDUC 485CStudent Teaching-Early Childhood$80.00
ERHS 230Environmental Health Field Methods$75.00
ERHS 547Equipment and Instrumentation$50.00
ERHS 566Clinical and Forensic Toxicology$50.00
ERHS 567Cell and Molecular Toxicology Technique$60.00
ESS 400Sustainability and Ecosystem Science$9.50
ESS 440Practicing Sustainability$24.07
ESS 486Ecosystem Practicum$230.00 - $381.00
ETST 208Native American Art and Material Culture$16.00
F 321Forest Biometry$42.75
F 326Wildland Fire Behavior and Management$16.00
F 421Forest Stand Management$35.00
F 430Forestry Field Practices$135.00
FSHN 301Food Principles and Applications Laboratory$45.00
FSHN 450Medical Nutrition Therapy$35.00
FSHN 486aPracticum in Nutrition Counseling$20.00
FSHN 686aGraduate Practicum in Nutrition Counseling$20.00
FTEC 210Science of Food Fermentation$45.00
FTEC 422Brewing Analysis & Quality Control$25.00
FTEC 430Sensory Evaluation of Fermented Products$25.00
FTEC 460Brewing Science and Technology$45.00
FW 111Basic Outdoor Skills$261.00
FW 204Introduction to Fishery Biology$65.00
FW 301Ichthyology Laboratory$18.50
FW 375Field Wildlife Studies$412.00-$477.00
FW 400Conservation of Fish in Aquatic Ecosystems$45.00
FW 401Fishery Science$15.00
FW 402Fish Culture$50.00
FW 405Fish Physiology$27.00
FW 465Managing Human-Wildlife Conflicts$146.77
FW 469Conservation in Management of Large Mammals$295.00
FW 471Wildlife Data Collection and Analysis$41.50
FW 477Habitat for Wildlife$57.00
FW 605Advanced Fish Ecophysiology$27.00
FW 677Wildlife Habitat Management$57.00
GEOL 121Introductory Geology Laboratory$15.00
GEOL 150Physical Geology for Scientists and Engineers$23.00
GEOL 154Historical and Analytical Geology$37.00
GEOL 201Field Geology of the Colorado Front Range$149.25
GEOL 232Mineralogy$45.00
GEOL 332Optical Mineralogy$48.00
GEOL 344Stratigraphy and Sedimentology$65.00
GEOL 364Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology$20.00
GEOL 366Sedimentary Petrology and Geochemistry$20.00
GEOL 372Structural Geology$31.00
GEOL 376Geologic Field Methods$82.00
GEOL 401Geology of the Rocky Mountain Region$140.00
GEOL 436Geology Summer Field Course (An additional $100.00 may be assessed for equipment loss)$1,097.00
GEOL 447Mineral Deposits$31.25
GEOL 452Hydrogeology$20.00
GEOL 454Geomorphology$52.75
GEOL 492Seminar$100.00-$120.00
GEOL 546Sedimentary Basin Analysis$72.00
GEOL 652Fluvial Geomorphology$63.35
GEOL 672Advanced Structural Geology$45.00
HDFS 470Campus Corps: Mentoring At-Risk Youth$17.33
HDFS 500Issues in Human Development and Family$35.00
HDFS 520Family Therapy Practice - Treatment Planning$42.81
HDFS 521Family Therapy Practice - Common Factors$110.00
HDFS 620Family Therapy Practice - Addictions$42.81
HDFS 621Family Therapy Practice -Topics in Sexuality$110.00
HIST 363Colorado History$8.57
HIST 365American West Field Study$116.49
HORT 100Horticultural Science$12.12
HORT 221Landscape Plants$22.80
HORT 232Principles of Landscape Design$27.50
HORT 260Plant Propagation$20.32
HORT 310Greenhouse Management$21.00
HORT 321Nursery Production and Management$73.00
HORT 322Herbaceous Plants$35.75
HORT 344Organic Greenhouse Management$51.00
HORT 345Diagnosis and Treatment in Organic Fields$85.00
HORT450A-BHorticulture Food Crops$37.00/subtopic
HORT450C-DHorticulture Food Crops$38.92/subtopic
INTD 330Lighting Design$11.84
INTD 476Interior Design Project$95.25
IU 193Freshman Seminar (Competitive Spirit of Construction)$30.00
JTC 211Computer-Mediated Visual Communication$150.00
JTC 335Digital Photojournalism$60.00
JTC 340Video Editing$85.00
JTC 341Broadcast News$30.00
JTC 343Advanced Television News Production$25.00
JTC 345Electronic Field Production$85.00
JTC 435Documentary Video Production$85.00
JTC 440Advanced Electronic Media Production$60.00
JTC 544Corporate and Institutional Media Production$30.00
LAND 240Fundamentals of Landscape Design Process$30.80
LAND 357Omnibus Field Studies$30.00
LAND 360Basic Landscape Design and Construction$15.13
LAND 361Digital Methods$12.00
LAND 363Advanced Landscape Site Engineering$13.00
LAND 366Landscape Design$32.00
LAND 376Landscape Design and Visualization$427.69
LAND 446Urban Design$9.00
LAND 454Landscape Field Studies$381.00
LB 193Concepts and Critical Thinking in Liberal Arts$10.00
LIFE 102Attributes of Living Systems$15.85
LIFE 103Biology of Organisms-Animals and Plants$17.00
LIFE 203Introductory Genetics Laboratory$65.00
LIFE 206Microbial Biology Laboratory$25.00
LIFE 212Introductory Cell Biology Laboratory$45.00
MECH 200Introduction to Manufacturing Processes$120.31
MECH 202Engineering Design II$66.15
MECH 231Engineering Experimentation$78.43
MECH 307Mechatronics and Measurement Systems$141.93
MECH 324Dynamics of Machines$65.31
MECH 331Introduction to Engineering Materials$71.56
MECH 338Thermosciences Laboratory$60.93
MECH 417Control Systems$84.50
MECH 425Mechanical Engineering Vibration$97.23
MECH 486aEngineering Design Practicum I$130.00
MECH 486bEngineering Design Practicum II$155
MECH 515Advanced Topics in Mechanical Vibrations$97.23
MECH 525Cell and Tissue Engineering$66.67
MU 100Music Appreciation$35.00
MU 111Music Theory Fundamentals$35.00
MU 204Marching Band$35.00
MU 495HIndependent Study - Performance$275.00
MU 527 A-CConducting Seminar Levels 1-3$1500.00
NR 220Natural Resources Ecology and Measurements$67.67
NR 300Biological Diversity$2.50
NR 479Restoration Case Studies$350.00
NRRT 350Wilderness Leadership$47.00
NRRT 351Wilderness Instructors$104.00
NRRT 401Collaborative Conservation$22.40
NNRT 431Protected Areas, Working Land and Livelihoods$44.00
OT 686 A-EOT Practicum I-OT Practice/Seminar Fieldwork I$58.00
OT 688 A-TFieldwork IIB$10.00-75.00/subtopic
POLS 486APracticum-Legislative Politics$345.00
PSY 488Field Placement$13.00
RRM 415Catering Techniques and Culinary Arts$45.00
RRM 492Seminar on Restaurant and Resort Management$50.00
RS 329Rangeland Assessment$27.00
RS 432Range Measurements$51.00
RS 532Range Ecosystem Sampling$51.00
SOC 275Introduction to Forensic Anthropology$20.00
SOCR 320Forage and Pasture Management$15.85
SOCR 343Composting Principles and Practices$20.48
SOCR 345Diagnosis and Treatment in Organic Fields$85.00
SOCR 351Soil Fertility Laboratory$50.00
SOCR 377Geographic Information Systems in Agriculture$119.00
SOCR 421Crop and Soil Management Systems II$38.00
SOCR 440Pedology$80.00
SOCR 577Principles/Components: Precision Agriculture$119.00
SOWK 488Field Placement$50.00
SOWK 588Field Placement$50.00
SOWK 688Field Placement$50.00
TH 141Introduction to Theatre$43.36
TH 153Singing for Actors I$131.20
TH 160Drawing for the Theatre$128.00
TH 161Technical Theatre: Stagecraft$50.00
TH 163Costume Construction$50.00
TH 186Theatre Practicum I$33.00
TH 241Analyzing Texts for Performance$40.30
TH 253Singing for Actors II$131.20
TH 264Lighting Fundamentals$50.00
TH 265Scenic Design: Fundamentals$50.00
TH 266Sound Design for the Theatre$100.00
TH 267Scenic Painting$100.00
TH 269Theatrical Makeup Design I$19.75
TH 365Set Design II$115.00
TH 401Theatrical Design and Technology Special$100.00
TH 450Professional Actor Preparation$153.67
WR 406Seasonal Snow Environments$135.00
WR 417Watershed Measurements$107.52
WR 419Water Quality Laboratory for Wildland Managers$110.00
WR 486Watershed Field Practicum$347.00-$417.00
WR 575Snow Hydrology Field Methods$130.00-$150.00