Total tuition and fee charges are based on the base tuition and fees listed below, plus charges for technologyspecial course fees, and differential tuition.

Base Tuition and General Fees 2017-2018

Graduate Differential Tuition

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

English Language Program Tuition and Fees

Guest Tuition and Fees

Additional Charges and Fees

Undergraduate Differential Tuition

General Fee Schedule

Charges for Technology

Alternative Transportation Fee

Special Course Fees

Other Resources

Summer 2018 Tuition and Fees

Tuition listed here is for on-campus, degree-seeking students who intend to enroll in on-campus and/or online courses and non-degree students who intend to enroll in on-campus courses.

Differential Tuition assessment may apply to both on-campus and online courses.

Summer Session 2018

Tuition and Fees Calculator

To get an estimate of tuition and fees in your field of study click on the link below. Amounts displayed are an estimate only, and should not be used for billing purposes. Charges will vary, depending on the student’s actual registration, demographics and course of study. All rates are subject to change.

Tuition and Fees Calculator

Tuition and Fee Assessment Term Definitions

Amount charged all students per credit hour. There is a different rate for undergraduate residents, undergraduate non-residents, Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) students, graduate residents, graduate non-residents and Professional Veterinary Medicine students.

Since fall 2005, undergraduate Colorado resident students have been eligible to receive a College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend from the State of Colorado to apply toward tuition costs. To receive the COF stipend students must apply on the COF website AND authorize CSU to request the funds via RAMweb.

Amount of tuition for which an undergraduate Colorado resident student is responsible, after the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend is credited to the student account.

Fees to support general student services on campus. See “Breakdown of General Fees” under the Tuition & Fees section for a breakdown of these fees.

Fee to support university-wide technology needs for students.

Fee per credit hour to support the construction and maintenance of campus buildings.