Payments made before 2:00 p.m., will appear on your University student account the following business day. Payments made between 2:00 p.m. and 12 Midnight, will appear on your University student account in two business days. Please note that we are unable to accept payments by phone. CSU offers the following payment options:

Electronic Billing

  • Students receive email notifications when monthly billing statements are available on RAMweb
  • Students can set up additional email addresses for other interested parties to receive notification and view billing statements online via FAMweb
  • Students can create and maintain eBilling addresses on RAMweb

Student Account Billing Due Date

  • Fall – University charges billed in mid-August & due on September 10th
  • Spring – University charges billed in mid-January & due on February 10th
  • Summer – University charges billed in mid-May & due on June 10th
  • Due dates will be the next business day when the 10th falls on a weekend or a holiday.

Students should pay their student account balance in full by the semester due date, unless they are actively enrolled in a current term payment plan*. After the billing due date, the University will apply a 1.5 percent payment deferral charge each month the bill goes past due until the balance is paid in full. The balance must be paid in order to register for future semesters or obtain official transcripts.

*Individuals who are enrolled in a current term payment plan can disregard the semester billing due date, as they will have withdrawals taken from their designated account on the 5th of each month instead of paying by the term billing due date. For more information, refer to our payment plan information page.

How to Make a Payment

CSU Payment Plan

Pay your bill in elective monthly installments with the CSU payment plan! For more details, click here.

Electronic Check (recommended form of payment)

Student Login (RAMweb)
Trusted Individual Login (FAMweb)
Commercial Accounts

Student/commercial accounts and Perkins/Health Professions student loans may be paid online. Payments by electronic check may be made via our secure online service using your account number and routing number.

Due to a banking regulation change, a flat $1.00 fee will now be charged for each electronic check (eCheck/ACH) transaction. For more information visit the Cashier’s office website.

Credit Card Payment

Student Login (RAMweb)
Trusted Individual Login (FAMweb)
Commercial Accounts

Student/commercial accounts and Perkins/Health Professions student loans may be paid online. Our secure online service accepts payments by electronic check, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and international payments through Western Union. Credit cards are processed through The price includes 75 cents per transaction plus 2.25% of the payment amount.

In Person

In person payments may be made by cash, check, money order, or debit card (with a PIN). The Cashier’s Office in located in room 110 of the Howes Street Business Center (555 South Howes Street).

Click here to view the The Cashier’s Office business hours. Check payments may be deposited after hours in the following drop boxes:

  • LSC on the main level in the hallway south of the RamCard/First National Bank suite
  • Howes Street Business Center (1st floor)

By Mail

Payments made by mail should be by check payable to Colorado State University, drawn on a domestic US bank and payable in US dollars.

To avoid processing delays and possible late payment charges, the student’s ID number and whether the payment is for a student/commercial account or student loan should be clearly written on the face of the check. Payments sent by U.S. mail should be sent to the Cashier’s Office at:

Colorado State University
Cashier’s Office
6015 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-6015

College savings and 529 Plans

Follow the step-by-step instructions on this page to pay your bill using 529 or prepaid college funds.

Payment Inquiries

Cashier’s Office: 970-491-2767