Students who are sponsored by a third party may request billing to that sponsor for tuition, fees, and other related educational expenses.

*College savings plans or 529 plans are not considered third party sponsors as we are typically unable to invoice these programs due to their inability to pay our third party sponsor billing fee. To learn more about how to pay your bill using a college savings or 529 plan, visit this informational webpage.

  • Requests for third party billing must be made to the CSU Accounts Receivable Office, by either the student or the sponsor.
  • Sponsor invoicing occurs once per term. Sponsor payments must be received for the current term in order for students to be eligible to continue enrollment in subsequent terms.

In any sponsor billing arrangement, the student is ultimately responsible for payment of University charges. If a sponsor fails to pay any amounts invoiced, those original charges are returned to the University student account with any appropriate late payment penalties assessed. Sponsors are assessed a nominal sponsor billing service charge each semester for each sponsored student.

Complete arrangements for sponsor billing must be made prior to the statement due dates to prevent late payment penalties.