1. Your Student Aid Report (SAR) is Reviewed by CSU

  • Shortly after you receive your SAR, CSU will also receive the same information from the U.S. Department of Education
  • CSU will send you a confirmation email to let you know we have received your FAFSA

2. Verification and Additional Documentation

  • Your SAR may indicate that you were selected for verification, however we will notify you via email if additional documentation is needed
  • If asked to submit additional documentation, you can view the requirements on your  RAMweb account under the Financial Aid section
  • Required forms can be downloaded from RAMweb or from our website

3. After You Have Been Awarded Financial Aid

  • To view your financial aid awards, log into RAMweb and select Financial Aid, then the appropriate aid year
  • We recommend reading Your Financial Aid Guide, which contains valuable information regarding your financial aid at CSU
  • Select “Awards and Requirements” on your RAMweb account to complete your financial aid requirements
  • Additional requirements may need to be completed based on the financial aid you have been offered

4. Complete Additional Additional Requirements

Direct Loans

To accept, reduce, or decline your Direct Loans, login to RAMweb. Once in the Financial Aid “Awards” section,  click “Accept, Reduce, or Decline an Award.” After you’ve accepted your loan, you may electronically complete your Master Promissory Note (eMPN), if required, at StudentLoans.gov. If this is your first Direct Loan, also complete entrance counseling.

Health Professions Student Loans

If eligible, paperwork to accept your Health Professions Student Loan will be mailed to you.

Parent PLUS Loans

To apply for the Parent PLUS Loan, one parent must go to StudentLoans.gov to submit an application. Your parent must have a FSA ID to complete the application and a credit check is required. If a Parent PLUS Loan is approved, a Master Promissory Note is required.

Graduate PLUS Loans

If your award includes a Graduate PLUS Loan, you may accept it through your RAMweb.  You will need to complete an Application for Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan at StudentLoans.gov and credit check is required. If the loan is approved, a Master Promissory Note is required. If this is your first Graduate PLUS Loan, complete entrance counseling at StudentLoans.gov.

Work Study

If you have been awarded work-study, go to RAMweb and select Student Job Listing (under Financial) to view information regarding jobs that are available.

Graduate Assistantships

Notify the Office of Financial Aid if you have a Graduate Assistantship  The amount your department will pay toward your tuition is included as a resource in the financial aid eligibility calculation.

Veteran's Benefits

Veteran’s education benefits are not counted as a resource and will not be included in the financial aid eligibility calculation.  Please visit Veterans Benefit Office for more information on applying for and receiving your VA education benefits.

Other Resources

Notify Office of Financial Aid of any additional resources (scholarships, resident assistant positions, etc.) you will receive.  Your other resources will be included in the financial aid eligibility calculation.

Please Note

It is important to meet all requirements for your financial aid as soon as possible. All requirements must be met no later than two weeks prior to the last day of the semester.

Financial aid awards are developed to help meet estimated educational expenses according to federal, state, and institutional regulations. All awards are based on available funds and full-time enrollment. Colorado State University has the right to revise or cancel awards if funds are unavailable, your application contains incorrect data, or your financial situation or enrollment status changes. Financial aid is applied to all charges on your University student account. If you have questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid.