Because summer session has a variety of course lengths and occurs at the end of the academic calendar year, summer financial aid has unique eligibility requirements.

Review the information below to learn more about summer financial aid.

Please speak with a financial aid counselor to find out what you might be eligible for or review the eligibility section on this page for more information


Students have a limited amount of loan that they can borrow within each academic year. If a student has not used all of their annual loan eligibility in the fall or spring terms, then they may have some remaining loan eligibility for summer.

In some cases you may be eligible to apply for a Private Student Loan.


Students who demonstrate financial need on the FAFSA may be eligible for summer grant aid, including Federal Pell grant! Limited funds are available. We strongly encourage you to reach out to our staff if you have any questions about summer grant eligibility.

Work Study

Limited opportunities for summer work study exist. If you are eligible for work study and interested, ask your employer if they have summer work study availability.


Scholarships may or may not be applied to Summer Session based on the specific scholarship details.

Outside scholarships

In instances when a scholarship is awarded by an outside agency (this does not apply to institutional awards) students may make a request to their scholarship provider to apply the scholarship to summer. Note that because the scholarship is awarded by an outside agency, the decision about whether or not you could receive the scholarship would be made solely by the outside provider/agency.

This form (below) is intended to assist students with the request process but does not guarantee scholarships may be applied.

Students may use the Summer Scholarship Exception Request Form for outside agency to request an exception to apply their scholarship in summer if:

  • Summer is not listed as a term in which the scholarship can be applied, and/or
  • The scholarship requires full-time (12 credits) enrollment however this is not realistic for, or needed by, the student in the summer term, and
  • A student, along with the student’s Advisor or Academic Support Coordinator, agree that summer enrollment is important for the student’s academic progression and graduation goals.

Students who are enrolled at least half time in summer classes will receive award notifications toward the end of April. You may check the status of your summer financial aid by logging into RAMweb and selecting “Summer Financial Aid Information” on your Financial Aid page.

Students must have a valid  FAFSA or CASFA application for the current academic year in order for us to determine their aid eligibility. No additional financial aid application will be required.

NOTE: Students who have not yet applied for financial aid for this academic year must submit a 2021-2022 FAFSA for the Summer 2022 term by June 30, 2022.

Students must meet the general financial aid eligibility criteria to receive summer financial aid. The amount of aid a student might qualify for will depend on the number of credits they are enrolled in.

Students must be enrolled at least half time to be eligible for aid.

We will send an email in the spring to students who are eligible to receive financial aid for Summer 2022. The email will direct students to view and/or accept their awards in RAMweb. Please contact us if you have questions about your eligibility or if you believe your financial aid offer does not reflect your current circumstances.

Loan eligibility

Students who have exhausted their Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized loan eligibility during the academic school year will not be able to receive those loans during the summer.

Parent or Graduate PLUS loans, however, are generally available during the summer. Click here to learn more about these loan options.

Grant eligibility

The Federal Direct Pell Grant may be available to undergraduate students who are enrolled in at least 6 credits for summer and who meet eligibility criteria.

Additional grant aid besides the Pell grant may be available on a limited basis, so we encourage students to finalize their summer registration as early as possible in order to be considered for all of the aid they may qualify for. Students who qualify will be automatically considered for grant aid once they have enrolled in summer classes and have completed a 2021-2022 FAFSA.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal financial aid eligibility requires that all students maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Students who do not meet SAP standards will be notified by email. For those who were enrolled in spring, summer financial aid will be not be released for students who are on Financial Aid Warning, Alert, or Probation status until spring grades have been reviewed and student continues to be eligible.

If you think you are not going to be meeting SAP by the end of the spring term, please chat with a financial aid counselor about your aid eligibility before enrolling in summer courses.

The deadline to submit a SAP appeal for summer is June 15th.

For additional information about SAP, see Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines.

The earliest we can disburse your summer financial aid is 10 days prior to the first day of the first summer session you attend, provided you meet all the disbursement and eligibility criteria.

June 10, 2022 will be the billing due date for summer university charges billed in mid-May.

Tuition assessment deadlines can be found on the Summer Session website. More important dates are available on our important dates page.

Adjusting the number of credits in which you are enrolled can impact the amount of your financial aid award. Contact the Office of Financial Aid if you:

  • Plan on dropping or withdrawing from a summer course(s)
  • Add a course after you’ve been awarded summer aid to be reviewed for additional aid eligibility

Additional Information