The College Opportunity Fund provides state-tax dollars to colleges and universities on behalf of eligible undergraduate students. The Fund was created by an Act of the Colorado State Legislature in May 2004 to heighten awareness that state tax dollars are used to offset the costs of undergraduate education.

Am I eligible to participate?

You are eligible for the stipend if

  1. You are considered an undergraduate Colorado resident for tuition classification purposes, and
  2. You are taking eligible undergraduate classes at Colorado State University.

How do I receive my stipend?

  1. Apply – The application is available on the College Opportunity Fund website.
  2. Authorize – Grant CSU the permission to request your stipend from the state of Colorado from the link provided on your RAMweb (see instructions in FAQ below). First-year students will be able to authorize their stipend only after registering for courses.
  3. Register – Register for resident instruction (RI), undergraduate courses on RAMweb.
  4. Student Account – The stipend is $116 per RI credit for the 2024-2025 academic year. The stipend will be applied to your tuition costs and printed on your student account billing statement.

You must provide the university your social security number or College Opportunity Fund (COF) assigned ID number. This allows the university to request your stipend from the state. This must be done by the end of the term in which you are eligible for the stipend.

What is my lifetime credit limit?

The law creating the College Opportunity Fund caps a 1st bachelors student’s stipend at 145 credit hours; 2nd bachelors students are granted an additional 30 credit hours. If you meet or exceed the limit, you may be eligible for an institutional waiver. Institutional waivers are granted for a maximum of one year. After university census (course add/course drop) for the term, the university will identify those students eligible for an institutional waiver. No application is necessary. Waivers will be granted to students eligible and on track to receive their degree. Students must be in good academic standing. If selected to receive a waiver, you will be notified by email.

Institutional waivers are awarded, on a term by term basis, for 12 consecutive months. If you have exhausted your institutional waiver, or you are ineligible for an institutional waiver, you may apply to the State of Colorado for a commission waiver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I authorize CSU to use my COF?

Students must authorize COF on the Registration page of RAMWEB. To Navigate to the COF Authorization page please click here: Registration. Then select “Register for Classes” to log in. Once logged in, select “Registration” in the top left corner. From there you should see the screenshot below.

Screenshot of registration ready

Please note: first time students, or students who have not utilized the Lifetime Authorization, will have to wait for course registration to authorize COF for the upcoming term.

Can the amount of the stipend change?

The Colorado General Assembly will set the stipend during the budgeting process each spring for the next academic year. However, if there is a shortage during the academic year, the General Assembly has the authority to reduce the stipend.

Will a check be sent to me?

No. Your stipend will pay directly to your university student account.

Can I receive my stipend for a course that I am auditing?

No.  The State of Colorado prohibits any institution from requesting a COF stipend on your behalf for any course receiving a grade of Audit.

Can I receive my stipend for test outs and placement exams?

No.  The State of Colorado prohibits any institution from requesting a COF stipend on your behalf for any test out or placement exam charges.

Can I receive my stipend for a Repeat/Delete course?

Yes.  However, if you received a COF stipend for this course in a prior semester, the number of COF eligible credits at the State will still be reduced by both the Deleted course and the Repeated course.

Are study abroad courses eligible for COF stipend?

No. Colorado State University study abroad and exchange programs are not eligible for COF funding.  This includes short-term study abroad programs offered through the Division of Continuing Education.  The credit earned through study abroad is not counted toward the 145 lifetime hour limit for COF eligibility.

Are CSU Online courses eligible for COF?

CSU Online courses at Colorado State University are not eligible to receive COF stipend payments.

I am an undergraduate student taking graduate level courses. Are graduate level courses eligible for COF?

500 level courses may be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements and therefore are eligible to receive COF stipend. 600+ level courses may not be used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements and therefore are not eligible for COF stipend.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please email or call (970) 491-6321.