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Student Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to find a job?

As a CSU student, you have access to the Student Job Listing on RAMweb. From the main menu drop down list, you will select Student Employment then Full-time, Internship and part-time (campus and business) jobs, this will take you to Handshake. Here you will be able to view and filter through all jobs that are currently posted.

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You may also utilize the Connect 1:1 resource on the Career Center’s website. There are a variety of ways to connect with the Career Center such as drop-ins, chatting on-line, calling in, connecting on Handshake, etc.

What is Handshake?

Handshake is a Job Portal for posting jobs, internships and more. Handshake is managed by the Career Center. Please visit the Career Center website for more information.

How can I maximize my chances of obtaining employment?

To maximize your chances of obtaining employment, be sure to:

  • Check RAMweb regularly; new jobs are constantly being posted.
  • Subscribe to Handshake.
  • Apply to multiple jobs at a time
  • Submit complete applications ONLY and make sure to submit all requested information and documents
  • Keep track of the jobs you apply to and contact employers to check the status of your application
  • Check your email regularly for responses from employers
  • Have emails, resumes and cover letters looked at for proper format, professionalism, etc. before sending it to an employer.

What kind of jobs are posted on Handshake?

On Handshake, you will be able to find on-campus work-study positions, off-campus work-study positions, on-campus hourly positions, and general off-campus employment. A wide variety of both on and off-campus jobs are available. Some sample positions are: computer lab assistant, child care worker, research technician, food service worker, student paraprofessional, recreational sports worker, student staff assistant; as well as clerical and general labor positions.

Can I still get a job on-campus if I do not have a work-study award?

Yes. Not all on-campus employers require a work-study award. View Handshake for on-campus hourly positions.

How do I apply for Request Work-Study?

The application for Request for Work-Study opens at the beginning of May for the following academic year (we post specific dates on our website as we begin to approach the date). Once the application becomes available, you will be able to access the application through your RAMweb account.

How will I get paid once I find a job?

You will be paid bi-weekly via direct deposit to your designated bank account.

Can I have multiple on-campus jobs?

Yes. You may have multiple on-campus jobs. However, if you are a work-study student, you can only hold ONE work-study assignment at a time. One work-study assignment and other hourly assignments are acceptable.

What is the Student Employee Retirement Plan (SERP)

Find more details about the Student Employee Retirement Plan (SERP) here.